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You are not your symptoms

Psychodrama work with psychosomatics

Psychosomatic states are characterized by the lack of ability to symbolize, the lack of spontaneity, low emotional expressiveness and low stress tolerance.

The rationale is that psychodrama is effective in creating clear emotional states, providing symbols for experiences of emotional significance and providing tools to integrate repressed memories of early, often pre-verbal traumatization. Because most psychotherapy methods use verbal narrative, there is aneed for new methods, a new approach and above all a new way of thinking about stress-related diseases are necessary. Psychodrama utilizes emotion, cognition and expression.

The workshop is experiential. It gives an opportunity to explore and learn how to transform bodily symptoms into mental structures.

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Judith Teszáry

Director of Psychodrama and Group psychotherapy, certified at Moreno Institute, Beacon NY. She is an international trainer and supervisor in psychodrama and sociodrama. Founding member of FEPTO, served as president of the organization in 6 years. Member of FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation group, working in conflict areas. Judith was awarded by FEPTO for lifetime achievement.
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