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Working with shock trauma via the completion of psychophysiological reactions

The workshop will present an effective and careful approach to working with shock trauma. The approach is based on the idea of completing each psychophysiological reaction that occurred during the traumatic episode. We will explore different types of psychophysiological reactions and how to close each type. After studying the concept and reviewing the examples, we will be able to do live trauma work. In addition, we will study the specifics of working with the most common types of traumatization.

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Pavel Kornienko

Pavel Kornienko (Moscow, Russia) — psychologist, psychodramatist, psychodrama trainer and supervisor. Member of IAGP. Head and lead trainer of long-term professional psychodrama education in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Ufa (Russia), Chisinau (Moldova) and other cities. Head of the Psychodrama School “Contemporary Psychodrama Workshop” (Moscow).
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