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Toy Theatre: Using Toys and Objects to Explore the Forces that Bind Us

Toy Theatre has long been a vehicle for critiquing the status quo and suggesting positive routes for social change. In this workshop participants will create, use and employ puppetry and everyday objects and narrative techniques and use techniques from Psychodrama, sociodrama, and the Listening Hour, to explore some of the social forces (such as substance abuse, ecological disaster, disability, racism, war, and gender bias) that attempt to influence or exert control over our lives. Through small and large group collaboration and using elements of Playback Theatre as the backbone to identify some of the forces at work, and exert influence, we will share our own stories as a way to bear witness and connect to our stories to build a foundation for sharing resource, resiliency, and empowerment of Self and for others. Beginning with a demonstration, we will also explore how using object /puppets support the change in the process of story sharing, making puppets vs using found objects, and learn about and from each other places and populations, it has been and could be used.

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Jennie Kristel

Jennie Kristel APTT, REAT works with survivors of trauma including intergenerational and domestic violence. Jennie is an adjunct instructor at Lesley University, author, and offers workshops and training internationally in the field of expressive arts therapy and Playback Theatre. She is currently integrates the Listening Hour method into her practice.
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