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The Social Dreaming Matrix as a “double founding myth”: Explorations in the building of collective trauma.

This work examines the function of the SDM as an experience of a double foundation of the mind and as a device which highlights the founding aspect of the dream and its semiophoric characteristic. The Matrix creates a complex representation by means of dreams which is repeated and modified in time (Agresta, 2016) – albeit putting its founding dimension at the base of its creative process – the network of dreams or the multiverse of meanings is a complex construction of social thinking. Reflecting on this Freud distinguished between memory and trauma: memory is the mnestic trace of an event; the trauma consists in the investment of this trace which transforms the trace into an eziological event. It is only as a memory that the event becomes a base for eziological elaboration, since it is on the mnestic trace that the psychic or pulsional excitement flows. Ultimately it’s thus the pulsion (drive) which transforms the memory into a trauma. Working with dreams we can build a semantic dimension and then translate a new dimension into a cultural object which puts the visible in contact with the invisible (semiophore).The SDM becomes a methodology to observe and apply this psychological experience.

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Domenico Agresta

Domenico Agresta is formerly Trustee of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, now member of Social Dreaming International Network. He is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, group- analyst (Full GASi Member) and psycho-oncologist. President of the Centre for the Study of Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine (CSPP). IAGP Member and Board Member of SIMP.
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