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The psychotic experiences mirrored in the psychotherapeutic settings: The mind and brain in discordination

The brain is the most ‘social’ of all human organs. It is unique because it is the only one that greatly transcends its volume and area of direct influence. The complex cerebral functions cover the spectrum from purely organic to the cognitive, emotional, psychic in a large sense, and spiritual fields through constant networking and transmitting afferent and efferent messages. During last three decades we are witnessing the development of neuroscientific research and substantially new knowledge about brain functions. The psychotic experiences represent some of the most damaging and dramatic outcomes of severe disturbances of the brain functioning.
One of the most important discoveries was the quality of plasticity of neurons, neuronal formations, mirror neurons, brain structures and their functions. This knowledge has given new impulse not only in conceptualizations and theorizing, but in therapeutic innovations as well.
The recent important developments of neuroscience allow a full re-integration of the mind-body unity, proposing mind as linked not only to the brain neuronal structure but to the total body as mediator of the exchanges and connections with the external worlds.
The clinical examples will illustrate the psychodynamic approach to patients with ‘difficult’ diagnosis and assessment of recovery possibilities through recovery helm.

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