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The Divine Feminine-A Psyhodramatic Rebirthing of Transcultural Feminine Archetypes

Throughout history from Greece to India, Scandinavia to China and Australia to Africa world’s female goddesses are a remembrance of grace and beauty, eroticism and innocence, warmth and compassion. Female deities are a source of inspiration, they are the embodiment of creativity, sacrifice and giving. Archetypes of femininity: warriors and mothers, lovers and teachers, powerful and mysterious entities, loving spirits! Symbols of spiritual, emotional and physical growth! This workshop is a historical, anthropological and spiritual journey to our inner feminine archetypes. Combining psychodrama, hypnotherapy and storytelling technics. We will travel together in different civilization, discovering poetic images that will inspire our divine femininity. We will meet up with Artemis, Freyja, Oshun, Aphrodite, Hathor, Durga, Asase, Wala, Isis, Nüwa! We will invoke the divine feminine energy by experiencing the archetypes and take permission to align with the feminine essence. We will connect with the energies of creation, fertility, renewal, birth, abundance, healing, expansion, receptivity, openness, love, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, and allow them to express themselves. In today’s competitive society, that suppresses all the above qualities, there is a fundamental need to allow ourselves to be in contact with aspects of the divine feminine that lie dormant within us.

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Anastasia Golema

Anastasia Golema is an Actress, Director, Psychodramatist, Satyananda Yoga instructor, Transgenerational Therapist, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, continuing her studies in Psychology “European University of Cyprus”. Founder of “Theater Therapy” in Athens, a space dedicated to the research of Theater and Psychodrama. Board member of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy.
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