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In-between: the emptiness as a creative space

During this presentation, together with the attendees, we want to investigate the idea of Inter-Esse, the In-Between. Inter-esse or the in-between, could be an exciting concept for both the practice of organizational consultants and group analysts. Inter-esse (literally: to be there in-between) refers to the empty space between the nodes of a group matrix or organizational network. It is precisely in that emptiness where creativity gets a chance and can lead to new insights and meaningful interventions. In today’s interconnected world, the network is the new paradigm. Networks are dynamic nodes of relationships and people that relate to each other in a certain way and thus generate meaning. From structuralism we know that the relative position you occupy within the network defines who and what you are. Because they are dynamic, the positions also change constantly. In addition, all kinds of group dynamic processes play a role. These matrices are the playing field of the organizational consultant and the group analyst. In their professional capacity, they are also part of it and, once included, form a node of relationships. The emptiness between the nodes offers a liminal space in which new and meaningful interventions can arise.

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Adrian Hofstede

Adrian Hofstede MSc. (Netherlands) is director of Erasmus Academy, the life long learning institute of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and educational consultant. He studied Anthropology and Philosophy at the University of Leiden. His main professional interests next to life long learning, are groups relations and organizational consultancy.
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