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How psychoeducation and support groups helped the families of Abassyia mental health hospital patients

in this presentation, we point out to 2 important parts first part was 6 weeks of psychoeducational and support group for the families of mentally ill patients that are either admitted or following up, we view how the idea originated, started, and enhanced, then in the second part we show the modulation of the group doing the same program over cycles of 3 weeks (5 cycles now ) we worked with 15 families instead of 30 for each cycle which resulted in lower dropout rates, using the time to answer more questions to the families and help to decrease the stigma of mental illness to the families and community around them, we do recommend to continue developing our module to cover more families through the outreach of different hospital departments like community medicine and occupational therapy unit.

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Paper/Oral Presentation
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Arabic and English
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Asmaa Abdelfattah Mohamed kamal

Dr. Asmaa Abdel Fattah, Chair of the rehabilitation unit , at Abassyia mental health hospital A specialist in psychiatry and addiction treatment, she is the previous chair of the young professional section in IAGP and EAGT, she was awarded Dr. Yehia el Rakhaway Award for best psychotherapy case in 2017.
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