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Facing the white death of Dementia: How Psychotherapy could assist?

Dementia leads to progressive multiple losses on a level of memories, habits, social and family connections ,relationships, of the past way of living, The trauma of multiple losses appears to the patients and to their caregivers. Living together under such conditions underlines the importance of the treatment of multiple losses and the adaptation to the new needs of the “dementia life” which becomes absolutely demanding and tough characterized by the constant frustration provoked by the loss of the personality of the lovely person and by his new needs. Mourning, grief, anxiety and despair emerge from such loss even by the patient per se who is gradually loosing himself but mainly by his caregivers living with him under completely new demaning circumstances. Relationships turn to become extremely symbiotic, violent sometimes when recognition of persons and orientation are seriously damaged. In this presentation psychotherapeutic factors which could assist both patients and caregivers will be presented on a basis of psychoeducation and support. The analysis of the emotions of the “white death” of a beloved person during life will be presented and will be approached on a basis of the reparation of the “broken mirror”during the treatment of this disease.

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