PW1 (Part2)
The Four-step Integrative Model for Group Psychotherapy

Refaat Mahfouz, Egypt Hoda Refaat, Egypt

You are not your symptoms Psychodrama work with psychosomatics

Judith Teszáry, Sweden, Hungary

PW3 (Part 2)
Conflict Transformation with children and young people in families, schools and institution

Eva Fahlstrom Borg, Sweden

PW4 (Part 2)
The Aesthetics of Interconnection. Dance Movement Therapy in Psychiatry"

Vincenzo Bellia, Italy Barbara Dragoni, Italy

The Analytic Autogenetic Training with Guided Visualizations (A.A.T.G.V.)

Domenico Agresta, Italy

PW 6 (Part 2)
Working with shock trauma via the completion of psychophysiological reactions

Pavel Kornienko, Russia

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