Supervision and Intervision in Practice IAGP Intervision groups Kasralainy Peer Supervision RITR Supervision Program

Maurizio Gasseau, Italy Mona Rakhawy, Egypt Cristina Martinez Taboada, Spain Eva Fahlstrom Borg, Sweden Maria van Noort, the Netherlands Noha Sabry, Egypt Aref Khoweiled, Egypt Dalal Amer, Egypt Reham Kamel, Egypt Reem Deif, Egypt Ehab Youssef, Egypt

Empathy and its effect

Ahmed Dobea, Egypt

Manal El Attar, Richard Beck
Religion aspects in psychotherapy

Mohamed El Mahdy, Egypt Awsam Wasfy, Egypt Wael Abo Hendy, Egypt

Ivan Urlić, Noha Sabry
Effect of cognitive behavioral therapy program on mental health status among medical student in Palestine during COVID pandemic

Ahmad Adel Hanani, Palestine

How psychoeducation. And support groups helped the families of Abassyia mental health hospital patients

Asmaa Abdelfattah M. Kamal, Egypt

Exploration of the common ground between poetry and group analysis

Konstantinos Liolios, Greece

Sociodrama Pilot Study: An Ethnographic Approach

Paulina Ayala Hernández, Mexico Ahmed Ismail, Egypt Radwa Salem, Egypt

There is something in me called courage

Marcia Karp, UK

The past of our families – The permissions and the constraints

Anastasiia Butenko, Russia

How to initiate a support group

Nabil Elkot, Egypt

Depression, stress and fear of psychosis: The burnout syndrome in mental health professionals (A Psychodrama Workshop)

Stylianos Lagarkis, Greece

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