Unlocking the True You

Dena Baumgartner, USA

Wafaal El Bahey, Zoe Voyatzaki
Seeking safety program sessions of group therapy in a sample of substance dependent females in a recovery program

Rania Mamdouh, Egypt

Introducing the Egyptian eating disorders initiative and the Middle East online ED holistic and multidisciplinary program

Sally Tomas, Egypt

Treating Eating disorders in the context of a Group therapy setting

Mirna Awad, and Mahmoud Zaki, Egypt

Hands-on Evidence based approaches for management of couples”

Eman Soliman, Egypt

The psychotic experiences mirrored in the psychotherapeutic settings: The mind and brain in discoordination

Ivan Urlić, Croatia

The IAGP Group Analytic Section Group analytic art psychotherapy with dreams

Konstantinos Liolios, Greece

Social dreaming theory, practice and research applications

Domenico Agresta, Italy

The aesthetics of interconnection Workshop on Dance Movement Therapy in Psychiatry

Vincenzo Bellia, Italy & Barbara Dragoni, Italy

IAGP education in the world

Maurizi Gasseau, Italy Mona Rakhawy, Egypt Cristina Martinez Taboada,, Spain Maria van Noort, The Netherlands Maite Pi Ordonez, Spain

Finding ourselves in a changing world – A sociodramatic exploration

Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, Sweden

The divine feminine - A psychodramatic rebirthing of transcultural feminine archetypes

Anastasia Golema, Greece

Activating resilience in children and adolescents

Nabil Ali Nasr, Egypt

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