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The Four-step Integrative Model for Group Psychotherapy

Refaat Mahfouz, Egypt Hoda Refaat, Egypt

Aref Khoweiled, Dena Baumgartner
Amazonnia: Global climate regulator

Heloisa Fleury, Brazil Marlene Marra, Brazil Isabel Fleury A. Costa, Brazil

An incidental group therapy: Reflections on an auto/biographical research study

Esther Miriam Van der Walt, South Africa

Group psychotherapy: Symptom relief or real transformation

John Gamal, Egypt Yara Osama, Egypt Aya Hussein, Egypt

Climate Change and Mental Health

Richard Beck, USA

Schema Therapy in the Arab World – Any Modification Needed?

Christoph Fuhrhans, Switzerland Ahmed Hanafy, Egypt Sherein Abdeen, Palestine Rola Qawasmi, Palestine

Parenting a child with ADHD

Eman Gaber, Egypt Walaa Hosney, Egypt

Maite Pi, Ahmed Dobea
Work on trauma with psychodrama, Dreams and EMDR The transformative wisdom of dreams in Jungian psychodrama”

Maurizio Gasseau, Italy

The social dreaming matrix as a ‘double founding myth”: Explorations in the building of collective trauma

Domenico Agresta, Italy

Act of Triumph: Integration of psychodrama, EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Irene Maria Letizia Bossù, Italy

Grief, Loss and Emotionally Focused Therapy

Dalia Sadek, Egypt - USA Eman Onsy, Egypt

Kate Tauvons, Catherina Mela
Recovery helm: approach to mental health and recovery of patients with ‘difficult’ diagnosis

Ivan Urlic, Croatia

Egyptian Adaptation of DBT program for residential care adolescents: A pilot study

Reham Kamel, Egypt

Dynamics of Borderline personality disorder among a sample of adolescents (in-depth clinical study)

Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Khattab, Egypt

Implementing the DBT skill training group therapy in Kasr Al Ainy: experiences, challenges and dialectics

Shirin El-Makawi, Egypt

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