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Heloisa Fleury, Brazil
Marlene Marra, Brazil
Isabel Fleury A. Costa, Brazil
Esther Miriam Van der Walt,South Africa
John Gamal, Egypt
Yara Osama, Egypt
Aya Hussein, Egypt


Aggressions to the environment by forest destruction, industrial development and even pollution of the space that surrounds the Earth have been degrading nature for thousands of years. The new generations have been more effective in raising awareness of this problem, but the urgency for drastic measures to preserve nature requires greater global awareness of this issue. The objective of this paper is to present a sociodrama carried in the heart of Amazonia designed to raise community awareness of the role of the forest on the global climate regulation and the human dimension of the forest. All the interested on the theme were invited. This event called attention of many sponsors, as NGO, schools and governmental services related to ecological issues. Considering the involvement of many responsible for implementing public policies in Amazonia, one important goal of this event was to present group work as a tool for transformation and changes.

2- An incidental group therapy: Reflections on an auto/biographical research study
Esther Miriam Van der Walt, South Africa
In this paper you will hear stories from my position as a Ph.D. fellow. My roles are that of researcher, but also as group facilitator in a conversation- and writing process between nine mothers. My research approach is auto/biography, and I am therefore also a full participant and protagonist in my own study.
So, how could a group therapy be incidental? It was research, but at times it felt like deeply meaningful therapy. What I planned was a few data-gathering conversations on Maternal Identity as part of my Ph.D. project. From the very first group meeting, these conversations unfolded as an unplanned group therapeutic process rather than mere conversations between a few mothers. This was unplanned, as I was supposed to be the researcher and a full participant – nót the therapist – in my study.
I believe that the researcher’s experience of their study, including relationships with all research participants and supervisors, has a profound impact on their written work, their outputs. This belief urges me to take note of my experiences, to write them down, and to tell the stories.

3- Group psychotherapy: Symptom relief or real transformation
JohnGamal, Egypt
Yara Osama, Egypt
Aya Hussein, Egypt

Group psychotherapy: Symptom relief or real transformation
In a circle of trust and confidentiality created by the here & now group psychotherapy, a total metamorphosis can occur. The growth-promoting nature of the group assists participants to modify and revisit the untrodden paths that was hidden and suppressed years ago. The mere privilege of group psychotherapy is the sustainability and permanence of interpersonal growth. In this discussion, we will revisit our personal experience in group therapy and how group therapy tends to regenerate and redevelop our true self in a journey that minimizes pain and maximizes transformation.

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