3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Aliaa Elsheikh, Egypt
Amany Shenouda, Egypt


The psyche is revealed through words, but also more vividly through images, symbols, and the body. Expressive Arts reawakened the language of image, movement, sound, metaphor, drama, and poetic utterances, revealing the deepest aspects of the self and expressing what often cannot be put into words. The therapeutic process is experienced through the process of doing art itself; where the artistic process awakens the creative self while accessing the deepest inner world and revealing it in the art piece. By weaving a variety of psychotherapy theories together with expressive art; tremendous revelations show up Participants will experience: ● Their own creative self. ● The artist within. ● Their ability to create. ● Their ability to be ● Their inner world. ● Their deepest feelings and emotions ● Mind/body/spirit connection. ● Stress relief ● Presence In this playful workshop, the inner magical child can be restored connecting to his energy, gives new perspectives, where another dimensions of life are revealed. The inner child as a carrier of the creative self; has the ability to see solutions and opportunities that the rational mind cannot see. Through this workshop, we will experience expressing ourselves in a group, using artistic media, where different materials help to express a different feelings and emotions intuitively and without a second guess, accessing the deepest of our psyche. The artistic process reveals the subconscious where the deepest soul desires are brought to light through colors, shapes and forms stimulating imagination and creativity.

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