9:15 am - 10:45 am


Marina Brinchi, Italy


This experiential group will show a model of Jungian Psychodrama. Jungian psychodrama is a theory of Psychodramatic technique, articulated in a complex model of conduction and observation. It derives from Jung’s analytical theory on dreams, from his concepts of the personal and collective unconsciousness, of archetypal images and individuation. The group will take place within a ritualistic framework, creating a safe space to advance personal and social healing. The conductor will demonstrate the dream incubation technique and the utilization of opening and closing rituals. Some dreams will be played to discover our destiny in the night of humanity, according to the Jungian model in which different protagonists play on the scene every session. After the final sharing, there will be a narrative observation which will communicate the sense of the dreams which have been played, using a narrative style.

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