Symposia S6 (research)


4B 2nd Floor


- 9:15 am -10:45 am


Ivan Uric, Croatia


The Healing Helm is a tool that helps determine recovery goals and develop an individual treatment or recovery plan for people with mental health difficulties, as well as select interventions that can help achieve identified treatment goals. Using the recovery helm it is possible to evaluate the conditions in the living areas that are important for the recovery, to evaluate the areas in need of improvement or modification, to choose the priority of areas for improvement, to follow the progress towards objectives defined in different periods, as well as evaluate the results and change the objectives. Ten recovery helm areas are evaluated: control of symptoms of mental disorder, physical health and healthy lifestyles; identity, self-esteem/self-respect and empowerment; skills for independent living; the purpose and meaning of life; work, education, income, benefits; responsibility; housing; relations; trauma/stress coping and resilience; hope and optimism. The presentation will be illustrated with clinical examples.

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