Round Table


4B 2nd Floor


- 1:00 pm -2:30 pm


Konstantinos Liolios, Greece
Domenico Agresta, Italy


Τhe visual depiction of dreams in group analytically oriented art psychotherapy groups has two basic pillars : on the one hand, the group analytic culture and, on the other hand, the therapeutic dimension of artistic creation. Central to group analytic art therapy is the healing capacity of the artistic process, the release of unconscious material which, when consciously assimilated, can lead to the release of creative potential for the individual, whereas the basic concepts of group analysis, such as matrix, the group as a whole, resonance and so forth are constantly present, penetrating and characterizing the whole therapeutic process. The image resides in the creator before it is depicted on the paper. It is also inevitably found in the mental apparatus of the other members of the group, who can complete it using their own imagination. Being Oedipal creatures we constantly reestablish our relationships with our significant others, through internalized mental representations, exploring our transference constellations by means of the actual experience of group dynamics. The setting of group analytic art therapy serves as a transitional space, to which the inner worlds of the members and the external world both contribute.

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