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Asmaa Halim, Egypt
Aya Hussein, Egypt
Alaa Elhadad, Egypt
Sandra Ebaid, Egypt
Alia Tag, Lebanon
Dima Oubari, Lebanon


  1. DMT for hospitalized borderline personality disorder (BPD) patients

Aye Hussein (Egypt)


BPD is commonly associated with impulsivity, distorted body image and unstable relationships. This study aims at introducing Dance Movement Therapy as a therapeutic intervention that re-establishes body and mind structure for BPD patients, the sample consists of 12 in-patients (girls only) with age range between 20- 35 years old, DMT sessions were introduced to them for about 5 months, a session per week, the session lasts for 30-45 mins. Different materials were used to reclaim relational boundaries. The setting was challenging for both the patients and facilitator. The study concluded that DMT intervention improves body image and a significant progress has been noticed as five patients have significantly improved and discharged from the hospital.

2- DMT in Geriatrics

Alaa El Haddad (Egypt) and Sandra Ebaid (Egypt)


Working using Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in service of geriatrics for a year and three months. A reflection on how DMT was supportive to the population’s needs to develop a healthier body image. Dance Movement Therapy offered as a weekly activity, an hour and a half session has helped to grow the seniors’ confidence in their bodies and movement, desire to participate and play as well as ability to focus and be present. The setting was an open setting with a few core people; the group included some seniors with different physical challenges, depression and dementia.


3- DMT with Children


Aliaa Tag and Dima Oubari ,Lebanon

Kompass Education – Cairo, Egypt

Alia Tag: Freelancer & Dance and Movement Therapy practitioner


My aim is to help the children develop a healthy sense of body that would help them carry themselves from their center and find joy in relating and connecting with their peers in a playful manner.

Setting: extracurricular after school activity, held at the school premises. One hour/week.

Presentation content: goals, content of sessions, challenges of the group, DMT resources & toolbox, parents feedback and progress.


4- DMT in speech therapy children sessions: LOUD Clinics – Beirut – Lebanon.


  • Dima Oubari: speech language therapist.

Dance Movement therapist to be.


The experience of movement during individual speech therapy sessions with children (diagnosed with children epilepsy, ADHD, Learning disabilities, Stuttering, Spectrum disorder..)

->Show the benefit of dance movement therapy exercises, including rhythm, relaxation, voice, repetitive body movement, imitation, mirroring in their progress and development (specifically in communication and learning).

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