9:15 am -10:45 am


Lucia Aranda Kilian, Mexico


Creativity and Empowerment through puppets in Group Therapy Keywords: creative strategies, group therapy, puppets, creativity, body language, empowerment The purpose of this workshop is to present the Creative Strategies and their relationship with Group Therapy and Psychodrama. Creative Strategies use plastic or playful materials such as clay, masks, puppets, dramatization, among others. On the other hand, its theoretical and practical field makes use of therapeutic specialties such as Systemic Family Therapy, Narrative and Psychodrama. Regarding Psychodrama, Creative Strategies takes from the approach developed by Jacob Levy Moreno the concepts of the value of spontaneity, the development of a role and group work; these will be shown during the workshop, since they are widely used when we work with puppets and their dramatization. The workshop will initially offer an introduction to the methodology of Creative Strategies, its link with Group Therapy and Psychodrama and will delve into their relationship with empowerment and will work using puppets as a resource. Subsequently, work groups will be integrated to practice the concepts learned. Each group will propose a scene of interest and will dramatize it, at the end of the workshop experiences and conclusions will be shared among the participants.

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