9:15 am -10:45 am


Maite Pi Ordonez , Spain


Many children are taken to therapy because they present behavior or emotional symptoms related to the interactions present in families. Most of the families do their best to relate and educate children, not being aware that some interactions are stimulating and maintaining the symptoms in their children. The relations established between parents and children are usually influenced by the parents' attachment representations based on how they were treated in their infancy and also on cultural assumptions. In this workshop I will present a technique based on videotaping family interactions and work on the videos always promoting good interactions. This technique is centered in the interactions that are functioning, not in the wrong ones. It is a respectful way of intervening, when parents behave with their children in wrong ways, usually it is not to hurt them, but with the intention to do things well. There is a good objective, but the way to achieve it is wrong. The technique follows different steps to work with parents and is very useful to change attitudes and self perceptions, promoting more secure attachment styles in children. It can be also used to improve family relations when there is a severe disorder

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