Plenary Sessions

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1:45 pm - 2:30 pm


Jorge Burmeister, Switzerland - Spain


Ethics defines the fundamental and the aim of every action. The aim of healing is well being in its broadest sense (WHO). This means much more than the treatment of medical diseases alone. It means our co-responsibility for guaranteeing a dignified life for all living beings. Forces which are detrimental to our survival damage it painfully. It is not only a medical affair, it is injustice (e.g. the climate change) which makes us suffer as well. And it is injustice which provokes our compassionate (Dhalai Lama) or ethical (Zerka Moreno) anger This anger is not harmful in itself while it has to be channeled. It does not exclude loving kindness or care as it leads to a. wrathful compassion with those exposed to injustice to take action. It empowers dignity and respect and it is co-creative as long as it is non-violent. Groups are essential in this vision. They are ready to fly by our richness in love but also by our compassionate anger transformed in a plea to make justice and to respect our planet for the future of all living beings.

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