Domenico Agresta,Italy


The Analytic Autogenetic Training with Guided Visualizations (A.A.T.G.V.) is a technique with an analytic and psychosomatic approach. It is inspired by Sapir Analytic Relaxation and by Schultz Autogenetic Training, but it is more directive and it is proposed in a relational way. Method The A.A.T.G.V consists in 5 basic exercises (weight, heat, heart, breath, warm belly) and are proposed with directive and repeated instructions. The exercises have a psychophysiological function and they are aimed at the attenuation of the symptom and the lowering of anxiety levels. Guided views deal more with the cathartic-symbolic, psychological and relational aspects. At the end, all the participants of the group can report their experience. This is very helpful especially for people afflicted by alexithymia, because they become more aware of their feelings and emotions. Time Exercises: 3- 4 minutes each Guided View: 10 minutes Report: 3 minutes for each participant Objectives Promote the psychosomatic unity through a renewed contact between the real body and the thought processes (cognitive, relational and metacognitive); Allow the development of symbolism and the memory of dreams; Reduce Alexithymia; Reduce somatizations; Facilitate the processes of mentalization and the gradual creation of imaginary. Applications This technique is applicable both in the individual and group settings. We already applied this technique with different groups: psychosomatic clients, people afflicted by anxiety, pregnant women.

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