10:00-13.00 (Part one) 14.30-17.30 (Part Two)


Eva Fahlstrom Borg, Sweden


This is a workshop aimed at parents, teachers, caregivers in institutions but also caregivers in mental health. Objectives: To understand the function of conflicts, the difference between healthy and toxic conflicts, get concrete tools to facilitate conflict transformations through learning the bases of Restorative Dialogues and Restorative Justice. Enhance empowerment and co-dealing with conflicts. The workshop is both didactic and experimental. It gives hands-on-skills in conflict transformations Our duty as adults and caregivers is to provide children and young people with a safe and healthy environment where they can grow, be happy, develop their own personality and also learn how to interact with other people, how to be a member of a group, community and eventually become responsible members of the society. Teaching children conflict management gives them a life skill that will open many doors of inclusion and will strengthen their resilience. Restorative Justice is an evidenced based form of working with conflicts. Its origin stems from islands in the Pacific Ocean. It has a systemic view of schools, institutions, communities and society as a whole. It aims at inclusion instead of exclusion – co-owning the environment and taking responsibility to co-create a healthy environment. It is spreading all over the world.

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