E (3/3)
The Four-step Integrative Model for Group Psychotherapy

Refaat Mahfouz, Egypt Hoda Refaat, Egypt

W21 (1/2)
Exploring social unconscious clues upon generational gap across the Mediterranean: When group analysis meets psychodrama

Konstantinos Liolios, Greece Hanan El-Mazahy, Egypt

W 2 2 ( 1 / 2 )
The “Vital Child” andThe Hero’s Journey - working with Narratives on Autonomy and Empowerment in Schema Therapy (THIS WORKSHOP IS OF TWO PARTS)

Christoph Fuhrhans, Switzerland

The secrets of Gender, emotions, group wisdom and culture

Cristina Martinez Taboada, Spain

EFT and Sex

George Faller, USA

The unfinished encounter

Lars Tauvon, Sweden

Back in presence, dreams sailing in the night may take us again to the transformative wisdom

Marina Brinchi, Italy

Artistic process for empowerment and co-creation

Marram Tolba, Egypt Menna El-Torky, Egypt

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