Picture of you. A psychodrama Workshop

Marcello Paltrinieri and Martina Bruni, Italy

W21 (2/2)
Exploring social unconscious clues upon generational gap across the Mediterranean: When group analysis meets psychodrama

Konstantinos Liolios, Greece Hanan El-Mazahy, Egypt

W 2 2 ( 2 / 2 )
The “Vital Child” and The Hero’s Journey – working with Narratives on Autonomy and Empowerment in Schema Therapy (THIS WORKSHOP IS OF TWO PARTS)

Christoph Fuhrhans, Switzerland

Relational Expressive Dance Movement Therapy (Dmt-Er) applications in the middle East*

Moderator: Asmaa Halim, Egypt

DMT for hospitalized Borderline Personality Disorder

Aya Hussein, Egypt

DMT in Geriatrics

Alaa Elhadad, Egypt Sandra Ebaid, Egypt

DMT with children

Alia Tag, Lebanon Dima Oubari, Lebanon

Impact of materials with guided imagery meditation in art Therapy application”

Amira Soliman, Egypt

Integrating Egyptian cultural rituals in a group work

Sara Habib, Egypt Asmaa Abdelfattah, Egypt

Snapshots of Mental health through a camera lens

Khalid Ali, Sudan Nabil El kot, Egypt Mona Rakhawy, Egypt Mariam Naoum, Egypt Tharaa Goubail, Egypt Inas Abdelhamid, Egypt

Access your magical inner child through art - Expressive art therapy workshop

Aliaa Elsheikh, Egypt Amany Shenouda, Egypt

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