W21 (2/2)


4B 2nd Floor


- 3:00 – 4:30 pm


Konstantinos Liolios (Greece),
Hanan El-Mazahy (Egypt)


Do you miss the good old days? Do you find it difficult to explain to your mother how to use a new mobile app? Then you have most probably experienced the generational gap which is an age old repeating story, however, in this workshop we explore the social unconscious aspects of the generational gap. Social Unconscious, according to Earl Hopper, is defined as the existence of social, cultural and communicational “arrangements” of which people are “unaware” (unconscious). Social unconscious clues are transgenerationally transmitted through child rearing practices, education and socialization in general, whereas their variation and diversity depend not only on the dynamics of any given society but on global dynamics as well, especially in our new electronic era. The exploration process involves an initial paper presentation followed by an experiential group analysis and an experiential sociodrama group. These workshops aim to build several bridges between generations, social conscious /unconscious and the two main psychotherapy schools within the IAGP; Psychodrama and Group analysis, across the Mediterranean.

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