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Dreams icons theory during covid time. A psychosomatic perspective.

This study is focus on the application of the dream icons theory (Menarini, Agresta, Marra, Montefiori) is the group analytic group sessions to observe and find the most representative dream icons related with covid-19. The ICON is a sacred structure as it represents the creative dimension of the collective soul which expresses the sacred mystery of origins. The oneiric icon is a mental form – or a visual content of an image – which expresses pure metaphorical potential and, like the artistic icon, is an allegory which implies psychic realities hidden behind sensitive appearances. A peculiarity of the ICON is that it visually builds the object, or psychological theme, which it represents and of which it is the origin, since it possesses an identical nature and substance. Being a construction it has a symbolic symbolpoiethic value and hence a transformative dimension which is present here and now in the group, thanks to the constellation of associative content (Giovanni V.; Menarini R., 2004). The study focus on a data research that connect the covid-19 as a “new” icon present in the matrix and in the process of the group work.

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Domenico Agresta

Domenico Agresta is formerly Trustee of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, now member of Social Dreaming International Network. He is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, group- analyst and psycho-oncologist. President of the Centre for the Study of Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine (CSPP). IAGP Member; GASi Full Member.
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