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Act of Triumph: Integration of Psychodrama, EMDR and sensorimotor psychotherapy

Psychodrama, through kinesthetic perceptions, can access forgotten memories typical of Traumas and can also process unexpressed evolutive defenses.  Therapeutic group naturally activate a protective sense of membership and belonging in the “Pack” through a “safety state” essential in trauma processing.
In traumas, to be stuck is not only the memory of the event, but above all, the defensive protective actions which would allow going back to life and hope. In Psychodrama, EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy the dramatization of memories, dreams and defenses that should have “intervened” can be transmuted through action and the body.

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Irene Maria Letizia Bossù

Irene Maria Letizia Bossù, lives and work in Aosta (Italy), psychologist group psychotherapist and psychodramatist, EMDR supervisor and pratitioner. Member of Mediterranean Association of Psychodrama Member of International Association of Group psychotherapy and Group processes – IAGP Member of EMDR Europe. Worked on Trauma intervention in terrorist attack in Tunesia, in Cuba, with victims of earthwake in Italy
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